My Forex Funds 5% Discount Coupon Code

Eduardo Montero

My Forex Funds offers a 5% discount code to access any Rapid or Evaluation funded account (discount coupon not applicable to Accelerated accounts).

What coupon code is required to get the My Forex Funds Discount?

The promo code for the My Forex Funds to get a 5% discount is:

One of the most well-known prop trading firms is My Forex Funds. It is located in Toronto (Canada), and has supported more than 78,000 traders in more than 120 countries since its inception in 2020. Its profit sharing rate is as high as 85% for traders. With its scaling program, you can manage accounts worth more than $2,000,000. Even the cost of accessing the evaluation phase can be reimbursed after it has been completed.

This coupon code will allow you to save a substantial amount on the 5% access fee right from the beginning.

How can I use the My Forex Funds discount code?

These are the 2 steps that will get you your bonus of MFF:

STEP 1: Access the promotion

Access to to the My Forex Funds site.

You can choose the funded account that suits you best from the Rapid or Evaluation programmes. This promotion code is not applicable to My Forex Funds Accelerated accounts.

Once you’re satisfied, click the Select Plan button to create the account. Next, you will need to finalize your account customization by selecting the trading platform (like MT4 or MT5) and consistency level.

Click on the Register button.

STEP 2: Add your discount coupon

The details of your chosen product will be displayed at the top of your shopping cart.

Below you will find the text box “Coupon Code”.

Here’s where to enter the My Forex Funds Discount Code: EBFINANCE5

Click on the Apply Coupon button to add it and deduct the access fee for the evaluation process.

Next, click on “Proceed To Checkout”

You will need to fill your billing details and complete the account open process.


Additional information about this coupon:

You can use this coupon code to get 5% off any My Forex Funds account within the Rapid or Evaluation programs.

The coupon is not valid for any My Forex Funds account that has been funded under the Accelerated program.

My Forex Funds may discontinue this promotion at any time.

For full terms and conditions of this offer please see the My Forex Funds website:

You can reach My Forex Funds via their online chat if you have any questions about the discount coupon.

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